The Dale Boyd Construction Difference

All remodeling/renovation contractors are not created equal. Dale Boyd Construction differs from ordinary remodeling/renovation companies in these important ways:

Quality Standards

Our quality standards are extremely high and surpass all but the most expensive contractors. What are really the standards of most contractors? long as you're happy and write a check. Dale's standards go above and beyond this and are will be conveyed for your specific job, right down to the details.


We are 100% dedicated and committed to completing your project with professionalism, honesty, and integrity. This is evident because we personally complete and oversee each project to better control quality and scheduling. This guarantees a better job in less time. There are no surprises with our professional employees, and you can be assured that your satisfaction is our number one priority.


No need to “hide the good silver.” We only employ some of the best people in the business. You’ll find our employees to be among the most polite, courteous, neat, skillful, and friendly people you’ll ever invite into your home.


With nearly 25 years of experience, their isn't much that we haven't seen or can't handle. We can determine your home’s age, architecture, any neighborhood concerns, and try to foresee any problems before the job even starts.
The older the house is, the odds of surprises such as cut floor joists or a missing beam from a past remodeling job is more likely to occur. This sort of thing is nothing new to us. We will work around your structural issues, your resale concerns, and current design trends to provide you with the absolute best value for your money.

Everything in writing

Although Dale was taught that a person's word and a hand shake is all that is needed, you’ll receive a written proposal and written change orders for your project. Everything we will do is spelled out in black and white – no hidden surprises! You’ll always know what we’re doing, how we're doing it and where you stand financially.

Full service

You’ll enjoy the peace of mind and convenience that comes from having one company handle all of your home improvement and remodeling needs. We specialize in all areas of home improvement from basic handyman jobs to major design/build remodeling projects including: window and door replacement, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, roofing, siding, basement and attic conversions and everything in between.

The 6 P's

Proper Pre-Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Unlike many contractors, we don’t “design as we go.” Our careful planning of your project ahead of time helps ensure that once your project is started, it will progress quickly and with fewer delays and surprises normally associated with remodeling projects. We do everything possible to finish your job on time and on budget without sacrificing quality.