About Dale Boyd Construction

Mentored since the age of thirteen by his grandfather who was mentored by his father, Dale carries on a fourth generation of remodeling excellence. Starting out by pulling apart a two car garage with a hammer and nail puller, his grandpa moved him into power tools which created the motivation, enthusiasm, and skills necessary to win both regional and state awards in cabinet making while attending vocational school.

As friends went off to college, Dale went to work for some of the best craftsman in the business and learned skills such as how frame a bastard-hip roof on a hexagon gazebo, create plastered and textured ceilings, design and lay custom one-of-a-kind tile floors, and make a proper braced-frame mortise and tenon.

Over the last twenty-five years Dale has become thankful for the people that has learned his skills and craft. His grandfather was right when he taught Dale that the only way to know if someone is doing their job right is if you were taught how to do that job right yourself.

”When given the chance, what I do is more that carpentry, remodeling or renovation, it is art.” - Dale Boyd